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Chem-X is a chemical trading company with stores in Johanesburg (Gauteng) and Hammarsdale (KZN). The main activity of the company is to source chemical raw materials from different countries and distribute to manufacturing units around South Africa and regional countries. Sourcing is done within South Africa as well as from different parts of the world. Our progress lies in participating with customers and work towards improving their competitiveness in sourcing of raw material. Some of the fields of operations are as follows:

- Textile
- Detergent Manufacturing
- Resin Manufacturing
- Food Ingredients
- Agriculture



To strive towards becoming the most reliable partner in chemical raw material supplies for your industry.



1. To achieve a level of supply that will not fail the customer on delivery
2. To constantly fight in order to give our customers a price competitivity on the sourcing of chemical raw material.
3. Run a profitable organization and ensure constant return on investment for the directors.
4. To participate in the social upliftment of the environment in which we operate.
5. Ensure safety within the environment we operate


1. Loyalty in keeping to our words for delivery.
2. Be honest in informing customers about stock situation.
3. Build long term relationship based on trust and sharing of information.
4. Honesty is our best policy.
5. Our employees are our best assets

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